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We are a leading full service video production specialists providing a range of services for the business, industrial and commercial sectors. These include corporate promotional videos, training programs, marketing videos, videos specially designed for exhibitions, trade shows, curtain raisers for prestige events, videos optimized for web marketing, branding etc.

We also provide services to the broadcast industry.

We are not just another production company. Our interests go beyond producing high quality videos that go out and bring dividends. We have kept up with emerging trends and technology. We are quite keen to help our clients take advantage of the internet for their branding and marketing purposes.  

Speech autocue teleprompter success in Dubai, UAE

The speakers wanted a podium prompter to help them present their speeches without the stress of having to remember lines, keep looking at their notes or worrying about fumbling during the presentation... more...

What is the ideal duration of a marketing or corporate video?

ANSWER : This has always been a million dollar question! To borrow a cliche, I would say KISS, Keep it Short & SImple. Say whatever has to be said and keep it as short as possible. That is the golden rule.,  more...
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